Come jet ski racing

Welcome to our very first season of Jet Ski racing.  We’ve got an exciting events calendar in the upcoming months at a variety of venues throughout the country.  We will be running jet ski racing events on our own and also combined with other powerboat racing codes.

A combined event, Jet Ski Racing New Zealand and Thundercat Racing Assoc. of NZ are racing at Takapuna Beach on October 26th.  This is a short course, adrenalin filled event, with a beach start.  So bring your pole ski or your runabout and race alongside other first time riders.  You’ll have a blast!

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    1. Hi Eugene
      Thanks for your enquiry. We are just finalising our Winter and next Summer Calendar and will have it up within the next few days. Drop in and see us at the Speedshow in July if we don’t meet up before then.

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