Jet ski racing for the first time?

Own a jet ski and want to go Jet Ski racing for the very first time?  With very little effort or additional equipment you’ll be set up, read to race.

To begin riding with us you’ll need:

  • Your own PWC either pole-ski or runabout
  • A compliant PFD (rated 3 or 5)
  • A compliant crash helmet, MX type, open faced
  • A wet suit and suitable footwear
  • A compliant back brace (for pole ski riders, recommended for runabout riders)
  • A race licence (Day licence available)
  • Basic knowledge of motorsport etiquette
  • Entry fees.

Contact us for more information:

2 Replies to “Jet ski racing for the first time?”

    1. Hi James,
      Apologies for the slow reply !
      Members of the club have been purchasing their back braces from Farnleys Yamaha in Auckland.
      You can contact them via facebook, their website or over the phone and they are more than happy to post the items.

      Hope this helps you and we are hoping to see you at racing sometime soon

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