Supplementary Rules


The Executive agree that the UIM Aquabike Rules will be adopted in their entirety, with the addition / substitution of the following supplementary rules that will apply to all New Zealand only events.  These supplementary rules apply to the following clauses:

203.01  Entries 

203.01.01   Veterans (over 45 years) and/or Womens Classes may be offered if sufficient entries are received.

203.01.02   Entry is permitted into any class for which the ski is eligible under Section 3.02.01.  A separate entry fee will apply to each class entered.

203.02  Licence Conditions

Riders may compete on a Day Licence, payable at each event.  Points accrued will qualify for placings on the day, but will not count towards end of season points unless the rider attains a full licence within the licence year.

203.03  Riders Briefing

If a rider fails to attend rider’s brief he/she is disqualified from racing until a full briefing can be given to the rider by the OOD.

206  Race Numbers

The Executive will maintain a list of race numbers.  Riders without a valid race number will be issued with a temporary number and vest at the start of an event.  Newly issued numbers must conform with UIM standards, however existing ski numbers may be endorsed as compliant by race officials.

302.01  UIM Categories

Sections in bold are additional supplementary rules for NZ Events only

Runabout GP4 110HP 1050cc Includes Sparks & Blasters. Ref. Section 501. Pp.123-124.
Runabout GP3 Max 200HP   Stock, limited modifications. Ref. Section 502, pp.125-129
  SS3 Max 200HP   *Showroom Stock.  No modifications
Runabout GP2 Over 200HP Non-Turbo, supercharged. Ref. Section 503, pp.130-135
  SS2 Over 200HP   *Showroom Stock. No modifications
Runabout GP1 Over 200HP Ref. Section 504, pp.135-136.
Ski GP3 Max 800cc Includes Stock and Lites.  Ref. Section 502 pp.125-129
Ski GP2 Max 850cc   Excludes 4 strokes.  Ref. Section 503, pp.130-135
Ski GP1 Over 850cc   Includes 4 strokes and Turbos. Ref. Section 504, pp. 135-136

*Showroom Stock – As supplied by relevant manufacture

The addition of foot-holds is allowed on all skis, in all divisions.


In local events all new riders and those who have competed for less than two years, will compete as a novice, at a maximum competition level of GP2.  A novice may only be released from novice class after submitting a written application to the Executive of Jet Ski Racing NZ.  The Executive will consider the application at their next available meeting.  The application will include details relating to race meetings attended and any information that supports that their performance warrants discharge from novice.

305.05  Podium

In local events, podium rules do not apply, unless announced on the day.

310   Classification and Point System

310.07 To be eligible for National Championships the Rider must participate in a minimum of 2/3 of all race events, except in cases of force majeure.

310.08 Where a series consists of more than 4 rounds the Executive of Jet Ski Racing NZ may, at its discretion, allow Riders to nominate end of race day points, from a pre-specified number of rounds, towards their final season points.

312.01.01  Fines

Fines will not be allocated to riders during local events

312.01.02  Penalties

The blue, red and yellow card system will not be employed during local events.

329.12  Change of Ski

4) In the event of a mechanical breakdown the change to an alternative ski is permitted as per above.  Riding an alternative ski and returning to the original ski may only occur once during the entire event.

403.02   Cost of protest

The cost of a technical protest will range from $200 to $1000 at the Race Director’s discretion, dependent on the level of technical complexity required to justify the alleged infringement.

In the event of a protest of a rider against a rider the protest will be submitted in writing on the appropriate form and accompanied by suitable media footage and a $20.00 non-refundable administration fee.


502.01.01 General

Classes GP3 and GP2 Runabout will include a Shop Stock (SS) Class as in Section 3.02.01.  Jet Skis eligible for the Shop Stock class shall be as supplied by the manufacturer, with the following allowances only:

  1. After market or alternative prop may be fitted
  2. After market wear ring may be fitted
  3. After market seat cover may be fitted but must retain OEM profile
  4. After market hand grips may be fitted.

502.01.02 Runabout GP4

The exhaust manifold to the outlet may be modified or aftermarket.

The hull exhaust outlet may be modified or aftermarket.

Adopted: 15 June, 2019.

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