Applying for an Annual Race Licence

If you intend to race as a member of Jet Ski Racing New Zealand on a regular basis, you must purchase an Annual Race Licence.  This is renewable annually and is valid from the start of the Summer Series.

How do I get my Annual Race Licence?
Become a Member of Jet Ski Racing NZ by completing your Membership Application.
Then if you wish to Race, please complete the Annual Race Licence form.
Once you’ve paid your Annual License fee, you’ll be able to use it for the Summer and following Winter season.

New riders who are not intending to race more than once or twice in total, are entitled to race on a Temporary Licence.  This is only available for your first two events. The cost of a Temporary Licence is $40.00.  Points gained on a Temporary Licence are not eligible for end of season points.  They will only become eligible if the rider has converted to a Season Licence prior to the end of season.