Lets go RACING!

Here you’ll find all the information you’ll need to help you get organised and ready for racing. We’re excited you’ll be joining us and we’ll help you with any support or advice you may need. No matter what size ski you own you’re welcome to take part in our racing events. We’re a really friendly bunch and welcome riders aged 15 or over to race with us!

During the race season, you’ll experience racing in a variety of formats, including:

  • Closed circuit
  • Short course racing
  • Enduro events

If you want to race with us, you will need to join the club. You must do this after your first race meeting in order for your points to be carried forward into the end-of-season totals.

Race Number

Many local councils now require jet skis to be registered. In completing this process you will be provided with a number for your ski. As a member of Jet Ski Racing New Zealand, you’ll choose a race number with two or three digits. To choose a race number contact the Secretary, who will let you know if the number you want is available. There can be no two numbers the same, in New Zealand. It is like a car registration plate, and it allows the authorities to identify you out on the water at any time. This number replaces your regional council registration number only for as long as you retain your club membership. The number must be displayed on both sides of your ski, printed black (Arial Black) on a white background, at a minimum size of 250 x 250 mm.  Your number must be clearly visible from 50 metres.

Race Classes

Runabout Classes and Classifications

Class Rating CC UIM Equiv. Comments
R4 110HP 1050cc GP4 Includes Sparks & Blasters
R3 Max 200HP GP3 Stock, limited modifications
R3SS Max 200HP GP3SS *Showroom Stock.  No modifications
R2 Over 200HP GP2 Non-Turbo
R2SS Over 200HP GP2SS *Showroom Stock. No modifications
R1 Over 200HP GP1

*Showroom Stock – As supplied by the relevant manufacturer. The addition of foot-holds is allowed on all skis, in all divisions.

PoleSki Classes and Classifications

Class UIM Equiv. Makes and Models Included
S1 Ski GP1 Kawasaki SXR1500 4 Stroke, Hydrospace 2 or 4 Stroke. Kawasaki SXR 800 Hull fitted with 1100 Triple 2 Stroke. Kommander Hulls, Bullet Racing Hulls, Pro-Watercraft Hulls.
S2 Ski GP2 Yamaha Superjet 2 stroke Fitted with aftermarket exhaust system, carbs, etc. Kawasaki SXR 800 fitted with aftermarket exhaust system, carbs, etc.  Max 850cc
S3 Ski GP3 Yamaha Superjet 2 Stroke Stock / Lites Spec.
Kawasaki SXR800 Stock / Lites Spec. Max 800cc
S4 Ski GP4 SJ4 New Yamaha Superjet 4 Stroke Only

If you’re in doubt about what class you can race in feel free to contact us or ask an official on the day.

PLEASE NOTE:  If this is your first season of racing, you must race a manufacturer’s stock ski and are not eligible to ride in R1.  You will also be required to wear a hi-vis vest at each event during your first season of racing.

A minimum of three ski entries are required per class for points to be awarded for a single event.  If there are insufficient numbers received to warrant the racing of a separate class, the rider entry will be transferred to a higher class and will score points in this class.

Race Licence

To race you must have a Race Licence.  If you are new to riding you may, for up to three events, race on a Day Licence which you can pay for with your race entry.  After three events you must apply for a Season Licence.  This is valid from the start of our Summer Series through to the end of the following Winter Series.

In order to be eligible for end-of-season points/placing, you must have a Season Licence.

What to bring

You’ll want to pack your own food and refreshments, as if we’re racing at a remote location often there may not be a store or cafe nearby. You will also need towels and warm clothes.  Many riders bring gazebos for shelter.  And don’t forget your sunscreen, a few chairs and a comfy bean bag or two for your supporters to relax on.

Personal Equipment

Before you can race you’ll need to make sure you have the following gear:

    • Personal Flotation Device (PFD) – rated 3 or 5
    • A long wet suit
    • Goggles
    • A properly fitting moto-x type helmet (Snell or N.A standard) with chin protection
    • Closed footwear
    • Gloves (recommended)
    • Independent dorsal protection/ Suitable Back Brace